Board Members

Carthage Independent School District
Board of Education

Congratulations School Board! - Region VII School Board of the Year
and State Honor Board
School Board Recognition Month - January 2019
School Boards devote their hearts to kids.  Thank you, School Board.

 John Wink    ​Mr. John Wink, Superintendent of Schools

Mrs. Mary Ella Sherman, Secretary

Mr. Ken Andrus, Vice President

Dr. Ben Donald, President 

Mr. Elzie Hicks, Board Member

Mr. Paul. Beatty, Board Member

Mr. Truman Shirey. Board Member

Mr. Frank Willis, Board Member
Carthage school children benefit every day from the dedication and commitment to public education of our local trustees. They all make personal sacrifices and spend countless hours tending to board business. It is often a thankless job, so let's all say, "Thank You" to the men and women who serve on our school board.

"Follow the Leader!"